Smart molecules for the treatment of cancer

Medicinal chemists have spent decades unlocking many biological functions of small molecules. Now we can start assembling them into smart superstructures.

How it works

Our molecular constructs find their target and release their payload

The binder part of the molecule specifically attaches to cancer cells


The linker part holds the payload inactive until it reaches cancer cells


The payload part is then released directly on cancer cells to kill them

Why it is better

A drug class like nothing else
Better diffusion

Small-sized constructs penetrate deep into the tumor, leaving no cell underexposed and preventing them from evolving resistance

Less off-targeting

Lacking recognizable motifs on the binder, our smart molecules are not concentrated in the wrong place, limiting side-effects

Easy to make

Unlike biotechnological products, our assembled chemicals are easily produced, enabling cheaper development and faster iteration


Binders and payloads can be algorithmically mixed and matched to molecular diagnostics for true treatment personalization

How it is made

A unique blend of technologies and expertise

Scientific discovery

A mix of machine learning and high-throughput biochemistry finds effective binders

Medical expertise

Our medical experts pick validated linkers and payloads that have proved they can help patients

Chemical synthesis

State-of-the-art chemical synthesis processes are used for assembly of the binders, linkers and payloads

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